Shahid puts a ban on Priyanka's drinking

Shahid Kapur has become very cautious about Priyanka’s health after she woke up from stomach infection. He has been keeping a sharp eye on her and suggested her to give up alcohol as drinking may further harm her. Priyanka is an occasional drinker; she usually takes few pegs at parties. Following her discharge, not only doctors have put a ban on her drinking habits but Shahid also barred her from drinking.
Sources add, “Though Priyanka cannot be called an alcoholic, she does enjoy a glass of wine or champagne occasionally that too only when she is with her closest friends. Shahid is a strict vegetarian and also a teetotaler and it is but natural that he expects his new girl friend to be the same. It is a known fact that Shahid had turned his ex girlfriend Kareena Kapoor vegetarian and a teetotaler like him too. This step with Priyanka has been taken by him because he was extremely worried when she got stomach infection as there was fear of it aggravating by having alcohol.”

The source further adds, “It is not just alcohol, Shahid is also wanting Priyanka to go slow on work and take enough rest.”