Shahid, Priyanka in love?

Both Shahid and Priyanka are lonely souls. Both of them are deeply injured in love. After being part away from Kareena, Shahid’s name linked up with his Kismat Konnection co-star Vidya Balan and tennis sensation, Sania Mirza. But none of his relationship lasted long. Now next in his row is Priyanka Chopra. The industry is buzzed with the rumor of Shahid’s entangled with Priyanka. They are the new sensational pair and bonding well on the set of director Vishal Bhardwaj's 'Kaminay'.

Their closeness is catching the sight of the cast and the crew. In the free time, the duo would get deeply indulge into chatting and they gelled along so well giving the whole industrywallas a scope to speak about them. Their liaison is not limited up to the set only. According to a close source, Shahid used to pick up Priyanka in his car and they together head to the shoot. Moreover, they are spotted dinning together in restaurants and watching movies in theatres.

Time will tell whether Shahid is really serious about Priyanka or their liaison is just for promotional purpose that will meet its end after the release of their flick.