Shahid makes Priyanka cry

The latest report that Shahid Kapoor is chasing Priyanka Chopra to woo her back has annoyed Shahid to the utmost and he immediately reach out to Piggy Chops to know from where these false stories are coming from and spoiling his image.

When enquired, Priyanka broke down and claimed that she has no idea as who planted such false stories. Says a source in the know, "Shahid is disturbed by stories that talk about him desperately chasing Priyanka to woo her back into his life. He has moved on and so has Priyanka.
But the stories didn't stop. The actor refused to take a stand though friends suggested that his ex might be behind the stories.

When he'd bring it up, she'd vehemently deny it or start crying. The actor would take her at her word and leave it at that."

The actor was totally upset being called a stalker and the couple had heated exchange of words again. The argument left Priyanka in tears.  

They are together doing Kunal Kohli’s love story and linked up professionally.