Shahid excited about Mausam

After series of flops, Shahid Kapur is focusing on his dad’s venture Mausam. ‘I have given myself to my father, and I will never question him. He asked me to grow a beard, and I am doing that. I trust him completely. My character has to look mature and serious,’ said Shahid.  
‘It is not confirmed that we will go the base, but hanging around there will give me a feel of the place.’ added Shahid.   
‘There is so much pressure on children these days, and schools have become very diplomatic and money-minded. I cannot connect with that because in my time, people in schools used to be simple and straightforward. I hope parents, teachers and students identify with the film.’ Shahid talked about “Pathshala”.   
‘I cannot analyze what went wrong with my films, and I would like to keep my opinion to myself, because acting is my job and that’s it.’ Shahid added.  
‘I am finally working with Dad, and I am going to give it my best shot. Next year, I will do more films.’ Shahid said with excitement