Shahid defends Priyanka

The duo might be keeping their relationship under wrap but the recent incident prove that they carry a special feeling for one another and stands up to defend the prestige of the other. Shahid Kapur and Vishal Bharadwaj when recently invited to the chat show at a popular radio station to talk about their upcoming film, ‘Kaminey’, the jockey commented something vulgar about Priyanka and to which Shahid lost his temper and walked out of the show with Vishal.

The story goes as when the jockey asked about Priyanka’s role in 'Kaminey', Shahid replied that it is basically men oriented film and Priyanka was the only women and she appeared only in the second half. To it, the jockey said that it must have been very difficult for Priyanka to satisfy all the men alone. The crude comment of the jockey made Shahid blast over the RJ and when he was about to walk out in the middle of the show, the jockey and the producer of the show apologizes for the insulting comment, Shahid agreed to continue with the show only if they delete the original one.

After the interview, Shahid and Vishal quickly left the studio.

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