Shah Rukh Khan’s fans follow him wherever he goes

Though the SRK magic may be showing signs of wear and tear around the edges with the superstar’s and Jab tak hain jaan, his fan following shows no sign of abetting. In fact, with the release of his Chennai Express, the frenzy has increased if possible. Quite a few congratulatory messages appeared in the social media and comparison with the first night collections and first weekend collections of Ek tha tiger was almost inevitable.

Shah Rukh decided to go on a theatre visit around Mumbai on 12th August, Sunday. His fans and well wishers gathered in crowd in front of his home Mannat as the star left for his visiting rounds. The actor acknowledged his fans with a wave of his hand as he stood on the edge of his car. The frenzy continued as thousands gathered in front of the New Excelsior theatre where King Khan had stopped. The bonus for the fans was that Shah Rukh was not alone. In fact, his look and attire was carefully coordinated with that of Rohit Shetty who is the director of Chennai Express. They savored the results of their long months and grueling routine of shooting as they showed off the house full board in front of one of the leading theatres of the city.

The loving fans were happy to find the superstar in their midst and they lost no time in expressing their appreciation. They jumped to take photographs, and the star was more than happy to indulge the public and their effusive shows of joy and appreciation. The image of the most beloved male face of Bollywood was captured on numerous mobile phones.

The scene was no different in the Gaiety theatre where Shetty had to almost fight his way through the fans who had gathered here for a glimpse of the actor. But it was at Cinemax, Andheri that the fans really hit the jackpot. The actor got up on stage and danced to entertain his fans. The crowd was no less appreciative of the star or his performance. Even while leaving the theatre, he was surrounded by fans and he even shook the hands of some of them. No wonder that they will talk about their experience with the superstar of Bollywood for years to come. It seems, regardless of what the critics say, the audience are still in love with SRK.