Sexy Shilp at Cloud 9 Drink Launch

Shilpa Shetty at Cloud 9 Drink Launch


Sexy Shilpa Shetty only seems to be getting hotter every single day. Ever since she won the UK reality show Big Brother, Shilpa has been making an extra effort to look stylish and glamorous at all events. At the Cloud 9 Drink Launch, Shilpa looked like a diva in a sexy yellow and black dress along with a big stylish clutch. This is one bollywood babe who has groomed herself well, albeit with a little help, after going under the knife. But hey, with such extraordinary results, it was worth it.


Shilpa Shetty at Cloud 9 Drink Launch


Shilpa Shetty is seeing UK based bussinessman Raj Kundra. Raj was earlier married and there has been talk that Shilpa is a home breaker and was responsible for breaking up Raj's marriage. So this is one daring gal and believes in going after what she wants. We hope that's enough warning for Twinkle Kumar, Shilpa's ex- Akshay Kumar's wife. No wonder then that all the bollywood wives are sweating it out.


Mika at Cloud 9 Drink Launch


Mika, the singer is known more for his controversial kiss with Rakhi Sawant than for his songs. He also attended the Cloud 9 Drink Launch event. His bollywood songs are becoming quite a rage with certain categories. His bhai type language and catchy beats makes his songs entertaining. Well Mika, you should leave the controversial kisses to the famous celebs and concentrate more on your singing career.


Shilpa Shetty at Cloud 9 Drink Launch


Shilpa Shetty is currently hosting the Indian reality based show Big Boss on the small screen. Shilpa has shifted to the small screen but she of course claims that her bollywood film career is going great. Well, we still have to hear her line up of film offers, it must be tough to choose, with so little offers pouring in, right Shilpa? Better hurry Shilpa, or there aren't going to be even the few offers that you have now.

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