Radhika Apte's sex scene in ‘Parched’ being sold as porn

A few weeks ago, Rakdhika Apte’s sex scene with her co-star Adil Hussain from ‘Parched’ did all the round on net. The intimate scene from the film somehow leaked and it went viral. The scene was highly watched and now it is learnt that Hussain and Apte’s sex scenes is being sold at just Rs 90.

A shocked Hussain asked, “”Do they have the full movie?”. Before the film hits the theatres it is being sold as porn in Kolkata.

The DVDs are available and the high quality print of the entire uncensored movie is also available at a low price.

Earlier, Adil Hussain had objected to label the leaked video as Radhika Apte’s sex video.

He had told Indian Express, “The most interesting aspect is that the leaked videos is titled as Radhika Apte’s sex scene and not as Adil Hussain sex scene. That’s because a man doing it is just another matter whereas when a woman does it, it does matter. It is only then when it becomes a sex scene. It also shows the patriarchal society that we live in. In the West, such scenes are normally shown in their films.”

The makers of the film have also approached the cyber cell no arrest has been made in this regard. Adil has little doubt that the culprit has to be a man and from India.

“The person who has done it, I am sure is not a woman but a man. And it must be an Indian man.”

 Ajay Devgn co-produced 'Parched' with Aseem Bajaj.