Severe cold affects Kareena

Bebo is a fitness freak. After much dedication and sincere effort, she has shaped her body which she flaunted in Tashan. Her size zero was the much talked about issue post the release of the film. Tashan proved a disaster but her well toned body received rave reviews. Yoga and asanas has become an integral part of Bebo’s life which she is carrying forward to maintain her size zero. But severe cold in Ladakh made impossible for Bebo to carry on with her exercise regime and as a result she had to call it off for sometime.

A close friend of the actress revealed, "Kareena is very particular about her yoga routine. But she has been unable to do it because of the cold weather. The cold weather makes the body stiffer thus it becomes tough to perform the asanas."

Now the cast and the crew moved to the beautiful locations of Shimla where Bebo can resume her body basics. Kareena does not want to go back to her original size and we also do not want the Tashan figure to get lost.