Sensuous Rani's 'Aiyyaa' song goes viral on net

‘Go Wakda’, that’s what is the motto of the song of Aiyyaa. The songs of Aiyyaa are indeed awesome, but the picturisation of them has also been perfect. This is more so, because of the sexuality and sensuality of Rani Mukerji. Almost all the seven song have been liked.  

The music director for the movie is Amit Trivedi and the lyricist is Amitabh Bhattacharya .The story of the movie is based on a Maharastrian girl Meenakshi Deshpande, who fantasies about Bollywood and also falls in love with a man because of his smell.

The songs effectively capture these things.  The songs are a distinct blend of Maharastrian and south Indian music.

The first song is “Dreamum wake upum critical conditionum”, is a thoroughly hilarious song with a lot of vigor .The song has a retro feel with its fast paced dance steps, like south Indian songs. The song has been sung by Sowmya Raoh. She tunes her voice superbly in this song. The song however seems to be a bit vulgar with its lyrics, like ‘Face to faceum dharti putram Top to baseum Kama sutram Thighsum thunderum downum underum Sizeum matterum thinkum wonderum’. In English this means literally, ‘Face to face the son of soil from top to bottom Kama sutra Thighs are thunder down there under Size does matter think wonders’.

Amit Trivedi should be credited for such a peppy number.

Next is the Sava dollar song. The song is a combination of the Maharastrian Lavani song, with modern beats. Sunidhi Chauhan has sung this song. The chemistry between her and the other vocalist is awesome. The song has been appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. As in Marathi folk song, this song makes use of the –ji ji – words quite often.

Next up is the superbly crafted, Rani’s belly dance with Aga Bai. The starting of the song is in Marathi, by Shamali Kolgade. It takes over to electronic mode, with Monali Thakur crooning in her voice. The song can be watched more for Rani’s awesome moves. Sure Katrina can learn some steps from her.

The next song is softer. Shreya Ghosal lends her sweet voice to this soft melodious Mahek Bhi.

What to do, the next song is another over the top song. It has been sung by Sneha Khanwalkar. It has some raunchy line, like ‘Ijjat Papad ’.

Amit Trivedi last the last song to his credit. The Wakda song is the perfect end to this incredulous album. The song makes use of southern instruments, themridangam and the nadaswaram perfectly.

Some have complained that the songs of Aiyyaa are over the top, but they are also entertaining to the core.