Sayali Bhagat sues Shiney Ahuja for sexual harassment

Actress Sayali Bhagat filed case against her co-star Shiney Ahuja for sexually abusing her during the film shoot and also said that Shiney even made advances towards her.

She claim that during the shooting of upcoming flick, ‘Ghost’, Shiney misbehaved with her number of times.

What actually Shiney has done to Sayali?

“During an intimate scene, he (Shiney) took me to the makeup room and made me hold his hands and look into his eyes and feel the 'warmth'. I chose to ignore,” Sayali Bhagat says in an interview.

Reportedly, Sayali filed case against Shiney at the Malad Police Station in Mumbai. In her complaint, she said that Shiney’s wife Anupam has been messaging her continuously not to file a case or go to the press.

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