“Satyamev Jayante” participant killed

With the onset of reality shows on television the stars too started making a mark. Those reality shows would mainly be game shows or in any other way be entertaining.

Aamir Khan made a mark on television by showing the dirty truth that has been lingering in our country for long. The show received huge response from the viewers and was widely appreciated. The show dealt with “untouchability”, “female feticide”, and “child sexual abuse” among the various other topics. The show would get aired on every Sunday at 11 am in the morning. Every week there would be a new topic which would be openly discussed without any fear. There would also be a helpline and solutions provided for people who needed help.

Recently the show is back in the news because one of the participants, Abdul Hakim, of this show is being brutally killed. The incident is being considered an act of honor killing. The actor has shown his grief on the incident and was quoted as saying, “Disturbing and unfortunate incident. Will speak to the government authorities in UP to help and ensure the family is safe. The culprits must be brought to the book. The case is registered on the basis of right facts.”

Abdul Hakim and his wife had featured on one of the episodes of this show. The couple had married against the wishes of their parents. The wife has put the blame on her family members for the death of her husband. Abdul Hakim who was 28-year old man was killed in Bulandshahr.  His wife spoke to CNN-IBN saying that she had asked for police protection earlier fearing for her life. The police did not intervene in this matter pointing out that it was a personal quarrel. He was killed openly with several gun shots.   

Mehawish was then quoted as saying, “They have killed my husband, they will kill me now. I am 9 months pregnant. My husband would have been alive if police protection was provided.”

Abdul and Mehawish declared on the show that they had eloped form Meerut going against their parents’s wishes. They got married in the year 2010 in November. Later they shifted to Delhi. Their families had been forced to leave the native places as they had been dictated to do so by the panchayat. The panchayat had also declared death for this couple. On the show the whereabouts of the two had been exposed to the Khap panchayat.