Sara-Ali’s marriage a fake, claims Rahul Bhatt

The recently held marriage between Sara Khan and Ali Merchant is a 'nonsense, completely fake and utterly staged' says Rahul Bhatt. He also accuses the channel of changing words to hike the TRPs of the show.

Rahul wondered how two people can get married on a reality show. 'It's all nautanki (drama) staged for TRPs. If two people want to make a tamasha of their relationship, that's their problem. I refused to get pally with the girls just to spice up the show,' he said.

Rahul also divulged that the women contestants were very often called to the confession room where Bigg Boss narrates them what to do and which male contestants that should be attracted towards.

'The ladies were called ostensibly for counselling because they got emotionally disturbed. But they were actually in the confession room for 20-25 minutes, getting briefed on which male contestant to get friendly with, etc etc,' he said.

'I was detached from all the drama. It was all very unreal for me. I was just being myself. I was boring because I was neither romancing nor fighting. Rather I was fighting off romancing,' he quipped.

Rahul got along with Dolly Bindra in the house. 'I found her to be quite forthright. She didn't do nautanki, though I didn't approve of her picking fights with Shweta Tiwari.'

'Aanchal Kumar was the only girl I hit it off with. She's decent and cultured. I also got along with Khali, great guy who is honest. I can't forget that moment when Khali walked in through the 'Bigg Boss' door. He is my childhood idol. I also liked the Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari,' he added.

So, how was the 'Big Boss' experience?

Rahul said: 'I can't say I didn't enjoy the 'Bigg Boss' experience. It was a learning experience. People had only heard about Rahul Bhatt. Now they've seen and heard me.'

'I've developed great patience after the first controversy that happened to me (the David Headley case when Rahul was questioned for befriending the 26/11 plotter). It also made me wary of making friends,' he said.