Sanjay Dutt to pen down his life

Nargis and Sunil Dutt's only son Sanjay Dutt has seen many ups and downs in his life. Life was never so easy for him. His mistakes took me to darkness. Even if he wishes to settle in life after severe turmoil, some other mishap occurs again and his peace and happiness gets disrupted. Many times he stood at the witness box to justify his statement. Some listens and feels his pain while some just ignores. To inform the people about his hard and happy days, Sanjay took hold of pen and paper and sat down to write his autobiography.

Everyday he finds some time from his hectic schedule and writes down his memories. His source of inspiration is said to his wife Manyata. She is one who encourages Sanjay to pen down his life story. The most interesting fact is that Sanjay has just started to write down and publishers are making a long queue outside his gate to get the exclusive rights of the book. Manyata is in talk with some publishers and yet to finalize.

As Sanjay is not totally devoted to the book and writes only when he gets free time, it will definitely take some time to come out. Hope, his book is widely read and people get to know their own Sanu baba in a better way.