Sanjay Dutt to host a talk show

Crime and its consequences are nothing new to Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. Not only does he play the street villain with chilling success in films like ‘Vaastav’ and ‘Agneepath’ but also is serving a jail sentence in the real life. The actor was arrested in connection with the violation of arms regulations during the 1993 Mumbai blasts and is now serving out the rest of his sentence from prison. However, though there is still a few months left of his sentence, he is all set to appear in his new talk show in Bollywood.

As the actor is in jail, he will not host the show but will appear in the show from time to time. The show is titled ‘Dutt the way’ and is expected to deal with various issues related to crime. Several leading personalities of Bollywood are expected to lend their support to the show. According to a source, Dutt cannot be personally involved as he is still in jail. Asked about this, the source said, "No, he will not host it, but he will definitely be involved with the show in some capacity. It is going to be a weekly show with various guests taking part in it. Current issues related to crime will be addressed in the same. It is too early to divulge any more details about the same."

According to the latest news from Bollywood, the show is produced by Sanjay Dutt Productions and is being entirely organized by wife Mannyata Dutt. The title of the show has already been registered by the company. Sanjay Dutt will probably appear in the show only after his release from jail. Till then, various personalities of Bollywood will make an appearance on the weekly show. The theme of the show is rumored o be on recent issues related to crime. However, the exact angle which Sanjay Dutt will bring to the show is still not known. He may talk about crime in general or may share his personal experience of life behind the bars. This remains to be seen.

Sanjay Dutt had earlier appeared on television when he co hosted ‘Bigg Boss’ season 5 along with Salman Khan. So, he is no stranger to the small screen, though his last stint was not that successful. It remains to be seen how well he fares on this second outing on television.