Sanjay Dutt – The Indian James Bond

Sanjay DuttDashing Sanjay Dutt will portray the role of James Bond in his forthcoming film titled Bond. The concept of James Bond actually came into Sanjay’s mind and he immediately conveyed his idea to director Anthony D’Souza popularly known as Tony. Tony who was currently directing Akshay Kumar in Bahamas for Blue liked Sanjay’s concept and agreed to undertake the project. He is in talk with Asthavinayak to produce the film.

Dhilin Mehta, managing director, Ashtavinayak confirms, "We are working on a project called Bond along with Sanjay Dutt Productions but it is in the initial storyboard stages. It’s early to spell out more details but Sanjay Dutt will act in it. As Anthony is busy with Blue, things on the Bond front will roll only after he wraps up the film. The Blue unit will also have another schedule in Bangkok."

Bond will have loads of action sequences and Sanjay will be shown in a totally new avatar. He is very excited to enact the role as it would be an altogether different experience for him. The film is expected to roll in January and may hit the silver screen by mid 2009.