Sanjay Dutt may consider marriage after the verdict of his case

Sanjay Dutt has always been in the limelight for the various controversies surrounding him. The son of late veteran actor Sunil Dutt and actress Nargis, Sanjay has been the quintessential bad boy in bollywood. However it seems over the last few years Sanjay has been making a constant attempt to change this image. Sanjay was recently accquitted from the terrorist tag that he had received during the 1992-93 bomb blasts in Mumbai. However he still has one case under the Arms Act pending. Sanjay hopes that he will soon be cleared of all the charges as he has full faith in the Indian judiciary. However although the major part of his lfe has been surrounded by controversies, Sanjay does not feel that he would like to change anything about his life. Sanjay says “there is nothing that I want to change about my life. I am satisfied and really happy with what life has given me and taught me. I have no regrets.”

Sanjay is being appreciated for his ‘Munnabhai’ role and the actor is very happy that he will be doing the third series. Sanjay has done several other films where he has potrayed several difeerent characters. Apart from his recent comic role in the Munnabhai films, he has also been appreciated for his ‘gangster or don’ roles in films. He is very satisfied with the kind of roles and films that he has done in his film career so far. Sanjay says “scripts which are different and original attract me”, he wants to do exciting and challenging roles hence forth. Personally, Sanjay is very happy right now as his daughter Trishala was recently in town. Both father and daughter bonded extremely well and spent a lot of quality time with each other. Sanjay wants his verdict on his pending case to come out quickly as he can then think of finally moving ahead both personally and professionally. Recently there were rumours that Sanjay had tied the knot with girlfriend Maanyata, but Sanjay says “I am single as of now.” Sanjay feels that he can consider marriage or anything else only after his case is done. He says “Let’s see once my case is done, I will decide.”

Sanjay loves his acting profession and finds it an exhilirating experience to go on the sets and perform, he says “It’s a great feeling because this is what I have been doing for the last 27 years and it’s always nice to be on the sets and perform. It’s terrific for an actor to express and play his character.” Sanjay believes that justice will prevail for him and he says “I go to sleep peacefully. I live for the day and every day is a new tomorrow.” Sanjay defines his life as one filled with plenty of ups and downs but nonetheless he is proud of the fact that he has made it through some extremely tough times. Sanjay has several forthcoming projects, Shootout At Lonkhandwala, a new project with Sanjay Gadhavi ‘Kidnap’ where he plays a multi-millionaire’s character, the Munnabhai Goes to America film etc. Everyone from the bollywood industry as well as all his fans are rooting for Sanjay and hoping that his last verdict will make him a free man.