Sanjay Dutt is qaidi no 16656 of Pune, Yerwada jail

Sanjay Dutt was shifted to Yerwada jail, Pune in the morning of Wednesday, at around 4 am. The hush hush operation was carried out to avoid the media glare and huge crowd. This was necessary for the security of the actor as well.

As Sanjay Dutt arrived at the Yerwada prison facility and settled down to spend the next 42 months of his jail terms things started to fall in place. The first thing that Sanjay Dutt got in the prison facility is his prisoner number. Now the former actor will be officially known as qaidi number 16656.

Sanjay Dutt is no stranger to the Yerwada jail, earlier also he had spent some time in this jail as under trial by the TADA court. At that time he didn’t had to wear a prisoner’s uniform. This time around, it is different as he will be wearing a prisoner’s uniform with the alphabet ‘C’ marked on it. Alphabet ‘C’ denotes that he is a convict.

According to the officials at the Yerwada prison cell the actor is lodged in a single cell which he have to himself only and there are lot of trees around that cell that gives it a pleasant environment. The number three security Barrack hosts this secured cell of Sanjay. A source told, "The cell is a 10x8 room. He has been allowed a table fan. Besides, he has been allowed home food for one month. A prominent food business firm owner in Pune, who is also a close friend of Sanjay Dutt, will be providing him home-cooked food for a month as per Dutt's request."

Speaking about the security of the high profile prisoner, an official stated that, "We have deployed a jailer and four jail guards for his security. Two of them will guard Dutt during the day and while two will guard him in the night."

Speaking about Sanjay Dutt, Yogesh Desai the superintendent of the Pune jail said, "Dutt and his friend Nulwalla were kept in separate cells of the same yard in the jail." He also said speaking about the future life style of Munnabhai in jail, "We have not yet decided about his routine inside the jail. I have not yet read the court orders to provide home food and other essentials to Dutt but we will abide by the court orders."

It seems Sanjay is still in the news, even from the inside of the jail.