Sanjay Dutt has not married aspiring actress Maanayata

Sanjay Dutt was recently seen walking hand in hand with a lady called Maanayata at the Star Screen Awards, ever since then the media had gone berserk trying to uncover more information about the lass and her past life. Well Maanayata seems to have plenty of skeletons hidden in her closet and they all seem to be tumbling out thanks to her liaison with Sanju baba. Apart from that, Sanju recently also had claimed that he had already married Maanayata last year, but now Sanjay claims that he had only said so to keep the media from harassing her. Sanjay claims he is well aware of Maanayata’s past but still considers her a good soul.
Maanayata had claimed that she was a criminal psychologist and came from a business family. However media reports claimed that Manya was actually an aspiring C-grade actress. She has even done an item number in the film ‘Gangajal’ and has acted in several C-grade films. Manya’s screen name is Sara Khan. It has also been reported that Manya has been married and divorced earlier. Manya defends herself by claiming that there are some people who are jealous of her and Dutt’s relationship and hence they are trying to malign her. However she claims that although she does have a degree in criminal psychology, she is not a practicing doctor. She also admits to being married and divorced once previously. However sources claim that it was Maanayata who coaxed Sanju baba to say that he was married to her in order to protect her reputation and in order to stop the media from digging up her past. Hence Sanjay gave statements that they were married and later retracted them saying “These are just rumours and in fact its news to me. I really don’t understand from where all the marriage rumours came up from?”

However Sanjay Dutt claims that he does have feelings for the actress and says “I have a soft spot for her and I would not deny that. I am really fond of her and she is a special person in my life but that does not mean I have planned my future with her or that I have thought of marrying her or anybody else. She is a very respectful lady and belongs to a respectable family.” Sanjay claims that he is also well aware of Manya’s past and says “I am not denying her past but why rake it up to humiliate her? How can they pull her down just because she is involved with me?” There have been reports that Sanjay’s sisters too are not very happy with his relationship with Manya, at first they were polite to her for Sanju’s sake but later when the relationship started getting serious they made their displeasure quite clear to him.