Sanjay Dutt gets last parole extension for wife’s illness

Sanjay Dutt gets one more month parole extension for wife Manyata’s sickness. His parole has been extended to March 20th. Manyata has undergone two operations and recovering at home. Sanjay has applied for parole extension early this month and after looking into the fact, he was granted parole.

Sanjay wrote to the Pune Divisional Commissioner Prabhakar Deshmukh earlier last week, stating that his wife Manayata was not well and he wants one more month parole.

On receiving Dutt’s application, Pune Divisional Commissioner asked Khar police to investigate the truth of the report and only after receiving favorable report from the police and from a team of doctors at JJ Hosiptal in Mumbai, the decision to extend Dutt's parole was taken. “The order will be issued on Tuesday evening,” Mr. Pawar said.

This is Sanjay’s last parole as any convict is eligible for 90 days parole in a calendar year. “Dutt has already availed 60 days, and this is his last extension”, Mr. Pawar said.

Sanjay first got month long parole extension on December 21 and before his parole ended on January 21, the actor again applied for one month more parole extension which is going to end on February 21st but Dutt has again applied for month long parole extension.

Manyata has been diagnosed with heart ailment and non-malignant tumor in kidney and was admitted to Mumbai Global Hospital for more than15 days.

The 53-year-old actor is serving the remaining 42 months of his jail sentence for illegal possession of arms in Pune Yerawada jail. Dutt has already served 18 months in jail.