Sanjay Dutt gets 14 days furlough extension

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt who was on leave from jail on medical ground has applied for furlough extension from the jail authorities which they have accepted. Sanjay Dutt’s first 14 days furlough is suppose to end tomorrow, 15th October but the actor applied for extension which the jail authorities has accepted.

Sanjay who was serving the remaining three and a half years in jail in related to 1992 Bombay blast moved out of jail for 14 days on medical ground. While in jail, Sanjay suffered leg pain and he had problem in walking. He seeks leave for treatment and to spend time with his family.

On October 1, when Mr Dutt left jail, he told the press: "I'm a law abiding citizen. I want to spend this time peacefully with my family."

According to the jail manual, a convicted prisoner in jail can avail any one options of the two temporary leave from the jail to visit his home, either parole or furlough.

Parole is granted in cases of emergencies, furlough is available as a right to the prisoner.

A senior jail officer told dna, “Under the rules, a prisoner who has been convicted can apply for parole leave for 30 days, in case of any emergency in his family. This can be extended to another 60 days. Furlough for 14 days is available to a convict inmate who has spent two years in jail. This can also be extended by another 14 days.”

The officer added, “The new rules say that a prisoner convicted for offences such as dacoity, kidnapping, smuggling and those under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act shall not be released on furlough.”

Sanjay Dutt has been serving jail as he has been found guilty of possessing illegal arms which was used in Mumbai blast incident in 1993. Sanjay was moved from the Arthur road jail to Pune Yerwada jail on May 16th, 2013.

The actor has already served jail term for one and a half years and now he is serving the remaining three and a half years in jail. 

It is said that Sanjay’s star status and his sister Priya Dutt being a Congress MP might have influenced the jail authorities to grant his extension application. Sanjay has already spent 18 months in jail.