Sanjay Dutt collapses while working out

Sanjay DuttSanjay Dutt recently began working out after a long hiatus in order to develop eight pack abs. The actor who is being trained by a US fitness trainer has been very excited about getting back into shape and toning his body for his upcoming action flick Blue. Sanju perhaps got a bit carried away and over exerted himself while working out. Hence the actor recently collapsed and even injured himself while working out. 

Sanjay was working out and inured himself straining and pulling a muscle, this led to him collapsing while working out. Sanjay was immediately asked to abandon working out for a while till he can rest and recuperate. Sanjay was in a lot of pain when he pulled a muscle and could not even move his limbs. The doctor was immediately called and he advised him bed rest for a week. Sanjay Dutt said "Yes, it’s true that I injured myself while working out. I started working out after two years and pushed myself too hard. It is extremely painful but if I want a fit body, I must be prepared to pay the price for it." Sanjay's muscles are all swollen right now but his wife Maanyata is taking care of him and seeing that he gets the required rest and also takes care of his diet.  

However Dutt refuses to be deterred by this minor set back and is determined to get that eight pack abs. He said "I will start working out from today but slowly." Sanjay is not interested in paying heed to the doctor's advice of a weeks rest. Sanjay is keen not to waste any time as he has three months to get back into shape before the shooting of his film Blue begins. Sanjay will be seen performing plenty of action stunts in the film and he is looking forward to it.