Sanjay Dutt acquitted in TADA but may be convicted under Arms Act

Sanjay Dutt has been awaiting his verdict as an accused in the 1993 bomb blasts for quite some time now. A partial verdict was finally given today when Justice Kode announced that Sanjay was not a terrorist and had been acquitted under the TADA Act. Unfortunately though he has been proven guilty under the Arms Act. For Sanjay though the verdict comes as a partial relief as he has escaped severe punishment which would have been the case if he were to be convicted under the TADA Act. The court has also extended Dutt’s bail till 19th December after which his sentence for the Arms Act will be announced.
Recently Sanjay had stopped shooting for the last three months and was seen spending time with just family and close friends. Sanjay has also become more spiritual and was seen visiting several temples before his verdict. The maximum punishment under the Arms Act may be around three to five years, but the charges also allow the actor to seek bail. Sanjay arrived at the court on Tuesday looking a bit tense, he arrived with a huge entourage of family and close friends who were there to support him. However the actor’s final verdict has to come in before any further action can be taken. The film fraternity and bollywood is backing Sanjay a hundred percent. After the recent super success of Sanjay in the sequel Lage Raho Munnabhai, the actor has around Rs.160 crores riding on him. Many producers and directors have put their films on hold until Sanju’s final verdict comes through.

Sanjay was accused as a co-conspirator of the 1992-93 Mumbai blasts and also of possessing arms delivered to him by another blast accused gangster Abu Salem. Sanjay was at the peak of his career when he was arrested in 1993 for his involvement in the blasts, he has already spent around 18 months in jail. He has been acquitted on the charges of being a co-conspirator in the blasts but his final sentence on possessing the arms and ammunition will be announced later. However Sanjay’s bail was further extended when he asked for time from the court to make arrangements for his daughter who studies in New York and also to take care of his father’s will. Sanjay has already served time in prison which may also be deducted from his sentence, so hopefully things will work out for the actor. Well all his fans and bollywood have their fingers crossed for Sanju’s final verdict.