Sanjay and Maanya keen to buy a new apartment

Sanjay Dutt is currently busy shooting for his film EMI. Meanwhile he and ladylove Maanya are also hunting for a place in Bandra. Currently Sanju and Maanya live at Imperial Heights in Bandra. However sources claim that one of the main reasons that Maanya wants Sanju to buy another flat is that his sisters Priya and Namrata who also live in the same building do not get along well with her.
Maanyata has had a strong influence on Sanjay's life recently. She has been supporting him through his troubled times. However it has also been reported that Maanya has coaxed Sanju to stay away from friends who have had a bad influence on him or those who simply want to use his name. Maanya has also been taking care of Sanju and his home quite well . She sees that he eats and exercises on time. However though Sanju has his own apartment, Maanya is not very happy about living there as Sanju's sisters too live in the same building. Sanju's sisters Namrata and Priya Dutt along with their families also live in the same building and the two have made it quite obvious right from the start that they are not too fond of Maanya. The latter now probably wants some privacy with her beau away from the prying eyes of his family. A source confirmed this saying "Sanju and Maanya are looking for a plush flat or a bungalow in Bandra.

Namrata and Priya have never really approved of Sanju's relationship with Maanya. However during Sanju's imprisonment, they put up a united front with Maanya and all seemed well. However sources claim that all is not well and in fact the Dutt sisters barely talk to or acknowledge Maanya. No doubt this has left Maanya frustrated and with no option but to hunt for another flat. Obviously Sanju who is quite close to his sisters was not very comfortable with the idea of looking for another place, but he agreed to make Maanya happy.