'Saloni' detests being called dusky beauty

Television actress Rajashree Thakur aka Saloni of "Saat Phere" fame says she hates being called a dusky beauty because it symbolises discrimination on the basis of colour.

"Why do people add the adjective dusky and call me a dusky beauty? Why do they differentiate between dark and fair complexions? Beauty is beauty. If they are registering that I am beautiful why add dark to it," Rajashree told IANS.

"I am lucky to have this skin tone. It is a wonderful complexion and I have never found it misappropriate for myself," she added.

She also said that in India a lot of girls face problems because of their dark skin colour. However, they must never feel inferior and get swayed by chic advertisements of fairness creams.

"Whenever I see the advertisements of fairness creams and products I laugh at them. It is a proven fact that they can't change anybody's complexion. I would urge everyone to not get influenced by them.

"Your complexion is god's gift to you and one should never feel ashamed of it. Moreover, at the end of the day inner beauty is what matters the most," said Rajashree.

The actress, whose performance was appreciated in the film "Hava Aney De", an Indo-French co-production that won awards at several film festivals, said that television has made her extremely popular but she has Bollywood aspirations as well.

"Television is in every household today and it makes soap opera characters family members for the viewers. On the creative front actors can experiment a lot in TV serials because of serials' length. I enjoy my work but like every actor I also want to do films," she said.

Rajashree, who last year chosen the Fresh New Face of the Year at the Indian Telly Awards, believes that acting cannot be taught.

"Acting can't be learnt from anywhere because it is all about observation. Institutes can only teach students the technical parts of it. However, to perform well one must have the willingness to act and some talent," she said.

Indo-Asian News Service