Salman’s debut on Facebook attracts more than 2 lakh likes

It is time for stars to join Facebook officially. The latest to enter the social media is superstar Salman Khan. Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar have also recently joined FB.

Salman already has a twitter account. His Facebook account was launched officially on Friday. In a video posted on his page Salman said, “A lot of people told me 'there are so many of (your) fake Facebook pages, so when are you joining it'. So here I am on this platform.”

Indeed there are many fake accounts with his name. Salman warned them by saying, “Jitne fake pages hain woh ya toh woh join kar le is page ko or kya kahun main?’Fake off’.”

He also spoke about his NGO ‘Being Human’ in his video. He said, “We are opening Being Human stores all over India, starting October.”

The popularity of Salman can be understood from the fact that within hours, his account had more than 2 lakh likes. Maybe that is one of the reasons the star had to increase his security. Salman had six bodyguards to guard him. Of late after his sure success in films, he is robbed like anything at public meetings. His security beef up was confirmed by his chief bodyguard Shera. Shera said, “Earlier, Bhai had six bouncers around him. Now, he has twelve."

The need came after Salman’s latest hit had created a mass hysteria. After the movie released, the fans had gone berserk one day outside his apartment in Bandra. Shera said on that, “We had a tough time outside Bhai's residence on Eid. The fans went out of control and the cops had to resort to lathi charge.” The same situation happened a few days ago in Kanpur. Fans were eagerly waiting for Bhai to show up for the shooting of ‘Dabangg2’ .when he didn’t, they turned riotous. Salman’s brother Arbaaz said on that, “It's been chaotic here. We didn't bring Salman.

He will now join us directly at Satara for the shooting of the climax. But the people here gathered in hordes for the shooting in the outdoors probably in the hope that Salman would turn up. And when he didn't, they got restless.”

With Sajid Nadiawala’s ‘Kick’ and ‘Dabangg2’, it’s definitely going to be bigger and better for Salman. It’s quite amazing that when stars decide to retire or take up elderly role at 46, Salman continues to burn bright.