Salman upset over brother Arbaaz and Vivek’s bonding

Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan has been working alongside Vivek Oberoi in two films, Fool N Final and Shootout At Lokhandwala. In fact Arbaaz and Vivek have many scenes together in their films, but apparently both the actors were cool about things. This was probably the first time that Arbaaz and Vivek were face to face and working side by side after the Salman-Vivek fiasco a couple of years back. At the time Arbaaz too who is extremely close to brother Salman stood by his brother’s side and was upset with Vivek’s behaviour. However now with time Arbaaz probably prefers to let bygones be bygones and he is quite comfortable about working with Vivek.
Some sources claim though that Salman is not too happy with Arbaaz and Vivek’s comfort level with each other. Salman is upset that his brother is constantly interacting with someone who maligned him in public and is said to have even grilled Arbaaz over the situation. However both Arbaaz and Vivek are professionals and hence they do not want to let personal differences come in between, also at this point in their careers neither of them can afford to act up. Well looks like Sallu will just have to grin and bear it!

Bipasha and Kareena’s name calling continues

Everyone knows that Kareena and Bipasha don’t get along with each other. In fact the rift between them began many years back when they shot together for the film Ajnabee. Kareena and Bips were said to have indulged in several catfights and name calling at the time. However many years have passed and one would have thought that the two actresses would have grown up and let bygones be bygones. But it seems like the name calling has continued and recently Kareena as well as Bips indulged in name calling on Koffee with Karan in separate episodes. On the fresh new season of Koffee with Karan (KWK), Kareena recently got back at John for his comment on her in the last season, Kareena claimed that John was ‘expressionless’ in his films on-screen. Well Bips is John’s girl and she definitely made sure she stood up for her boyfriend when it was John and Bips’s turn on KWK. Bips recently commented that Kareena has too many expressions on her face while shooting on-screen.

This time though John decided to hold his peace and did not comment at all on Bebo as he is already in trouble with another prominent actor and does not want to get into any more trouble. As for Bips she claims that her comment was not made to get back at Bebo for calling her boyfriend expressionless, in stead she says “I’m not that kind of person. I certainly don’t believe in hitting back at any person. I had no clue what Kareena would say about John.” Bips claims that she had shot for KWK earlier on when she didn’t even know what Bebo had said about John. Bips also did claim that she did not need to stand up for John as he was a grown up man and could fight his own battles. Bips said “I don’t wish to start a war of words with Kareena, I was merely asked what I felt about her acting and I gave my opinion.” We believe you Bips, we do!

Jaya Bachchan gives Rani the cold shoulder

The grand Ash-Abhi wedding is over and the couple is off on their honeymoon. Meanwhile Amitabh and Jaya too have returned to their respective shooting schedules. Jaya went back to the sets of Laaga Chunari Mein Daag which also stars Rani Mukherjee as the lead actress. Both Jaya and Rani had to shoot together for the film which no doubt made it a trifle uncomfortable due to Rani’s deliberate omission from the Ash-Abhi wedding. However it seems Jaya couldn’t have cared less and made things even more uncomfortable by being cold shouldered towards Rani.

Rani tried to break the ice between her and Jaya many times, once the actress even invited Jaya to have lunch with her and her family while shooting, but Jaya politely refused. Earlier on Jaya has always been said to have been fond of Rani, so what turned the tables? Is it the new Bachchan bahu, Ash? Sources claim “it was evident that something was wrong between Jaya and Rani, although they pretended that everything was normal.” All through the shoot Jaya kept her distance from Rani and whenever Rani tried to be nice, Jaya would just give a polite but cold smile. However Rani’s mother claims there were no problems between Jaya and Rani while shooting for the film.

Aamir Khan’s bodyguards rough up local boys while shooting

Aamir Khan was recently shooting for his film Ghajini, the Hindi remake of the Tamil hit film. Aamir had been shooting in the sweltering heat for a number of days at a public location. The crowds kept gathering to get a glimpse of Aamir which made shooting extremely difficult as many times the crowds would just get uncontrollable and shout and push. However Aamir’s bodyguards were right by his side during every minute and even helped with shooing away the crowds.

On the last day of the shoot though, a huge chaos and confusion was happening on the sets as the director was in a hurry to wrap up everything. During a shooting break, a few local boys approached Aamir to take a picture with them. Aamir ever the gentleman obliged the boys, but began to get uncomfortable when the boys enveloped him in friendly hugs. On seeing this Aamir’s bodyguards immediately swung into action and roughly pushed the boys aside. The youth were taken aback that they were being rouged up in their very own neighbourhood. Incensed the youth and the bodyguards began an argument and a few people tried to intervene. But the bodyguards who were already irritated with the crowds began beating up one of the people and continued to do so till the director intervened and broke up the scuffle. Meanwhile a stunned Aamir Khan removed himself from the scene and retreated to his vanity van. Later though after the director sorted out the issue and apologized to the local people, Aamir came back and shot for the scene.

Abhishek and Preity ignore Bobby Deol while filming Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

While shooting for a film, often the cast and crew spend a lot of time together so they are bound to come closer as the film unit becomes their temporary family. While many actors bond with everyone on the sets ranging from their co-stars to spot boys some stars prefer to keep to themselves. While shooting for Yash Raj film, actors Abhishek and Preity who have worked with each other before seemed to bond quite well, unfortunately it seemed like the two completely left out their other co-star Bobby Deol. Bobby was extremely hurt by their uncaring attitude. A source from the film unit said “Abhishek and Preity sidelined and ignored Bobby completely, so caught up were they in their own private masti.”

Both Abhishek and Preity are known to talk nine to the dozen, so when they were both on the sets each tried to out beat the other while the quite Bobby Deol was relegated to the corner and to doing his own thing. Preity has worked with Bobby before in the film Soldier and at the time they shared a healthy camaraderie but now it seems the lady has moved on to prestigious banners and also to making friends with the higher echelons. Abhishek too claims to know Bobby from his childhood days but he too didn’t make any efforts on the sets to befriend Bobby. The Deol lad himself has said “I don’t remember having any fun on the sets while shooting for Jhoom