Salman to ride a horse at Mahalakshmi racecourse

Salman Khan has adopted an unusual strategy to promote his forthcoming film, ‘Veer’. He will ride a horse at the Mahalakshmi racecourse in a 'mock' race against top jockeys. Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) chairman, Vivek Jain says, "Salman Khan is to do a promotion for his film Veer at the racecourse. The film's producers approached us and we agreed."

An amateur horse has been chosen for Salman as he is not an experienced rider. Jain says, "He would have to choose from the ARC horses, he cannot ride a thoroughbred,'

Vijay Galani, producer of Veer, confirms Salman’s participation. Galani says, "Salman is going to participate in a race at the racecourse." Galani ambitiously says, "He is to ride against A-grade jockeys."

Salman Khan would be dressed in a jockey and the film producer has chosen race course to promote the film as in the film he was mostly shown on horseback. ‘Veer’ is slated to release on January 22. Zarine Khan will play the lead actress opposite Salman.