Salman to gift Asin

Many news has been reported about Salman Khan’s linking with south sensation Asin. The recent being Salman to gift Asin a dog. When Asin expressed her long standing wish to keep pets to her ‘London Dreams’ co-stars Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan, Salman then and there decided to gift Asin a dog. He is really moved by Asin’s story of unable to keep pets at home due to her father unlinking for dogs, Salman Khan really moved by her story and decided to gift Asin a suitable dog.

A source from the unit said, “While chatting during a break, Asin told us all how she always wanted a pet dog when she was a child. However , her father Joseph Thottumkal always evaded the subject of bringing home a pet and kept promising her one when she turned 10 years old. Once she turned 10, he told her he will get her one when she turns 15. Asin said that the years went by but she never got to keep a pet dog at home. Touched by her story, Salman, who is a dog lover, has been looking for a suitable pet, which he wants to gift to Asin”.

According to reports, Salman Khan has already started looking for a dog and would gift her when he finds one. Salman too is a great pet lover and recently received a big heartstoke when his very old dog expired.