Salman suspects Shahrukh of deporting Katrina

The big buddies of tinselville are now big enemies. They had called an end of their relationship at Katrina’s birthday. Many had tried to dig the actual reason of their ugly spat and heated exchange of words but it was only considered to be few assumptions. The authenticity of the tussle is considered to be Shahrukh’s comment on deportation. Though he directly did not point his finger towards Katrina, it was Salman who thought that SRK has raised the issue of deportation purposely for Katrina. Kat was born in Hong Kong is a British citizen working in India.

The story goes as few days before Kat’s birthday bash, King Khan in an event was overheard discussing with Congress MP Rajiv Shukla about Vishal Punjabi's deportation issue who used to be creative head of the advertisement department of his company Red Chillies Entertainment. Vishal without having any proper papers was working in India and SRK was discussing with Shukla how to stop his deportation. While conversing, he said that there are many people working in Hindi film industry without any proper papers but no action has been taken against them.

His comment about deportation was misunderstood by a close friend of Salman who was present on the occasion and vomited it to Sallu. As usually happens, Salman immediately lost his temper and questioned Shukla about his and Shahrukh’s discussion. Shukla refused to comment on the issue. Therefore on Kat’s birthday, Sallu burst out his anger on him.