Salman still can't get over his ex-flame Katrina

Fans of the Bigg Boss series can expect a lot of steaming season ahead. The game is becoming more and more interesting with every passing episode and much of the credit goes to the anchor Salman Khan who is definitely doing a great job of testing the mettle of the participants. It was during the last weekend that Salman really proved his worth as an anchor and the audience got to enjoy an extremely event packed episode of the game show.

The night in question was eviction night and people were putting various guesses in place. Hazel Keech had left the previous week and we wondered, who is to go next? Salman made the event infinitely more interesting. He began confronting each of the participants one by one.

The dynamics between Kushal and Gauhar is one aspect which is capturing everybody’s attention. In the last episode, Bigg Boss had asked each participant to provide a wish and Kushal uttered only one word, “Gauhar”. Does this imply that Kushal has developed a soft corner for Gauhar? No indications were coming from Gauhar, but Bigg Boss surprised quite a few when he suddenly sent both of them off on a dinner date. Gauhar certainly opened up, but Kushal is yet to get a clear unambiguous answer from her.

Moving on, Salman also grilled Rajat saying that he is not displaying the true spirit of a participant. But, it was his interaction with Ellie Avram that caught the imagination of his fans. He teased Ellie about his less than perfect Hindi, though it is now far better than what it was previously thought to be. The megastar said that Ellie reminds him of a younger Katrina Kaif whose Hindi was also accented.

Supermodel Asif Azim entered the show as the wild card entry of the house, but his interview showed that he is going to be a stable and calm influence. His words reveal his sensible attitude to the opposite sex. The result is that he will probably get a large band of female fans in the coming week.

After all these discussions and shift in the dynamics, it was Rajat Rawail who left the Bigg Boss. Competition is now expected to intensify among the remaining participants. So, the episodes in the coming weeks are likely to be filled with interest and entertainment.