Salman speaks in Pritam's defense

Music composer Pritam Chakraborty is accused of lifting songs for Salman Khan’s upcoming film, ‘Ready’. Anu Malik claimed that the song “Mein karoon toh saala” sounds similar to one of his songs while another person accused Pritam of lifting lyrics. Salman Khan who is the lead actor of ‘Ready’ comes to Pritam’s rescue.

Sallu answered on behalf of Pritam and cleared all the allegations. Salman said that a music composer should not be questioned about lyrics as it is not his department and the actor also cleared the accusation made by Anu Malik. 

Pritam is touched by Salman’s kind gesture, he said, “I am not very good at defending myself, so when Salman defended me I became emotional. In fact when I came back to my room, Bhai came in, touched my shoulder and said, 'I have cleared all the points the media had against you dude. I hope you are okay now. Nobody will trouble you after this!”

Producer Bhushan Kumar also dismissed the lyrics lifting issue and applauds Salman for speaking in Pritam’s defense.