Salman, Sanjay end-up friendship

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were once best buddies. But the story of their friendship is a past story now as they have picked up fighting. They are no longer in talking terms. The rift that has been created between them is best noticed during the election campaign where Sallu miya is campaigning for all his industry friends except Sanjay Dutt with whom he has done couple of hit films.

Salman Khan by campaigning for Sanjay’s sister, Priya Dutt has proved that he does not share a good relationship with Sanjay. Salman who is seen campaigning for both BJP and Congress has dumped his age old friend.   

When asked about it, Dharam Oberoi Business Manager of Sanjay Dutt informed that Sanjay didn’t approach Salman or anyone to campaign for him. He quickly replied, “No he hasn’t and he will never do that as Sanjay himself is a big star and he doesn’t need any actor to campaign for him.”

Therefore we can say that another Bollywood friendship has gone kaput.