Salman - Saif in nikhil's next ?!!

Saif Ali KhanNikhil [KAL HO NAA HO] Advani's second film continues to make news!
This writer was the first to break the news of the talented director's forthcoming project, inspired by an English...
...classic novel penned by eminent author Louisa May Alcott, LITTLE WOMEN.

“We are ready with the first draft of the script… As for the casting, we should finalize the names by next month. The film will star two heroes and two heroines,” the director of KAL HO NAA HO had stated then.

The latest development is that Nikhil has approached Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan for the project. “Not true at all,” Nikhil denies the rumour vehemently, “Only after I am through with my casting will I go knocking on their [stars] doors.”

He must've sounded off the idea to the two actors. “Believe me, I haven't spoken to anyone yet. Let me have a bound script before I approach them [stars]. In fact, I don't want to cast anyone till I am completely through with the writing,” he adds. Point noted!