Salman refused to play a young boy

Not easy for all superstars however 45-year-old Salman Khan is no longer hesitant to admit that he can’t be expected to play a young boy any longer. Salman turned down Ahmed Khan’s assistant Abhishek Dogra’s film as he felt he was a bit too old for the character.   
At Galaxy Apartments Bandra, Abhishek narrate the story of his film to Salman. The meeting lasted for an hour-and-half. After Abhishek finished his narration, Salman said he wouldn’t do his film and suggested that he cast a young actor for the role.    
“While that’s what he said, it could have been that Salman actually refused Abhishek’s film because it is a three-hero project and he didn’t want to share too much screen space with two other actors.” Sources said.  
“Salman suggested a different ending to the script and the aspiring filmmaker agreed that it made for a far better climax than what he had envisaged. Abhishek is incorporating Salman’s input.” added sources.  Though, Abhishek is keeping his fingers crossed for the future. “I’m earnestly looking forward to work with Salman one day. But I must say I don’t know how to thank him enough for his extremely valuable input to my script.”  Abhishek said.