Salman refused to follow the script

Salman Khan refused to stick to the script that was written for him as he was taking part in an awards function. For a television awards function Salman Khan was supposed to be interviewed by the show’s host Vidya Malavade and the organisers of the show had an elaborate script in place for the Salman interview for which Vidya Malavade was anchoring. “After Salman was given the script, he took it into his vanity van to read it and after sometime came out and said that he won’t be able to follow what has been written in the script,” sources revealed. 

Sources claimed that the script given to Salman contained an offending question to him regarding Katrina Kaif. As per the script, Salman was supposed to stare at Vidya for a few seconds after the question was asked and then he would get up and run away. Salman, as per the script, was only supposed to return back to the interview when a scared Vidya would repeatedly apologize to him for asking such an impertinent question. It is not known whether somebody leaked it to Salman about the promotions bit or he didn’t want to be a part of the scripted affair.

“Yes, such a script had been prepared where Salman Khan was asked to pretend to get offended by one of her (Vidya Malavade’s) questions, and threatens to walk out. Vidya has never interacted with Salman before and the unit was aware of that. But Salman refused to do so. Instead he was his charming self, jovial and witty through the interview. After which he even graciously complimented her on her performance in Striker and Chak De!India as well as her compering skills,” sources confirmed on behalf of Vidya.