Salman recognizes a beggar, gives Rs 25000

Salman Khan’s story of generosity is unending. He carries a heart of gold and always come forward to help the poor. While shooting at Bandra for Boney Kapoor's Wanted Salman's eyes fell upon a beggar who was lying on the street. He walked down the memory lane and recognized the person, he is the same man from whom he used to buy kites as a young.

Salman’s heart fall for the man, he went to him and asked whether he is the same man. The beggar was shocked to be recognized by the biggest Bollywood star. Salman Khan not only gave him a cash of Rs 25000 but also offered him clothes and food. The beggar was overjoyed to be recognized by him and thanked Salman for his gestures of generosity.

Salman might be called the bad boy of Bollywood but he is always ready to help the poor.