Salman missed the chance of getting married

Salman Khan’s marriage has always been a matter of interest for the cine-goers. There was a bright chance for the Bollywood hunk to get married and to shut the mouth of the media who anytime upsets with the question of his marriage. On Sunday, Salman Khan missed the bright chance of getting married. This was an occasion of mass marriage organized by his friend in the city. About 60,000 couples bonded into marital bliss in the city.

His fans thought that this time Sallu miya might not missed the golden opportunity and pick up the perfect one but he again disappointed his fans by letting the opportunity go. When media asked Salman Khan as why he missed the chance of getting married, Salman who always skips his marriage question replied in a lighter voice, “I would have loved to get married had my friend not kept me away from this function.”

Salman Khan’s marriage has been a big question mark.