Salman makes fun of a lady reporter

Salman Khan is a man of controversy. He is again in the news for all wrong reasons. Few days back, he hit the headlines for using a disabled person’s photo to promote ‘Veer’ and now Salman Khan has crossed the limit of decency. He laughed as his bouncers insulted a lady reporter. Instead of taking strict action against his bouncers, he laughed at their insulting action and encourage them to carry on.

While Salman Khan was attending a ‘Muhurat’ of a film in Mumbai, a lady reporter popped a question to him. But his bodyguards misbehaved with the reporter who was just doing her duty.  Salman instead of teaching a good lesson to his bodyguards passed a sarcastic smile and passed off the incident.

The lady reporter was heard screaming after the insulting behavior, “Don’t you have any brains". Instead of an apology, his bouncers moved on as nothing unpleasant happened.

It doesn’t stop here,Salman Khan turned back, laughed sarcastically at the reporter and walked away overconfidently. He was also heard saying, “Have the abuses been recorded?”

Salman's image is surely let down by the incident.