Salman leaves Shahrukh behind

Salman khan beats Shahrukh on Twitter. Interestingly Salman joined Twitter on Tuesday and guess what within one day Salman got 18, 833 followers for his account BeingSalmanKhan, while when Shahrukh got 10,000 followers on first day.

Salman was welcomed on Twitter by jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali who is amongst the most regular celebrities on the Twitter. As his first tweet Salman wrote, "Arbaaz ne kaha ke Tweet karna toh banta hai boss. Chalo now, whoever was being me, party over, baju hatto please."On Tuesday night, Salman tweeted, “Thanx guys! Feels good. Promise to tweet, ek baar jo maine commitment kar di.” Ranbir and Katrina are the two who are keeping away from tweeting and Shahrukh is going strong with 2,66,743 followers.