Salman Khan not happy with 'Mental' title

A lot of anticipation is building up around the release of Salman Khan’s next film. The release is scheduled around the Republic Day, 2014. This is a big break from the Khan tradition who had always timed his mega releases around Eid. The story of the film too has a strong patriotic flavor. Keeping this in mind, Salman had asked brother and producer Sohail Khan to look for an alternative name for Mental.

The film is a remake of the Telugu film, Stalin which was released in 2006. The lead role was played by Chiranjeevi and the film was directed by AR Murugadoss. The story of the film revolves around a major in the Indian army who is determined to make the world a better place. The film has a strong patriotic flavor which is emphasized by the scheduled date of its release which was diverted from the traditional choice of Salman Khan.

Salman had told his brother Sohail that he was not happy with the name Mental and was looking for alternatives. The whole shooting team began to suggest a number of other names. Ultimately, keeping in mind the patriotic flavor of the film, the title Jai ho has emerged as a strong possibility.

According to a source, “Salman is not very keen to continue with a quirky title like Mental as the film is being addressed as presently. Sohail Khan who is directing the film has been looking at various options and the crew has been suggesting different names. Recently, Salman informed Sohail that he is not keen to continue with Mental and wants a different title now.”

A source from the crew of the film adds, “It was never meant to be called Mental and it was always a working title. Someone got the whiff of it and the media has ever since been reporting that. However Salman and Sohail were always clear that the film would be called something else.”

The result of all the discussion was that the film was tentatively named Jai ho in keeping with the spirit of the film.

However, according to rumors, the title will probably be changed yet again. After all, Jai ho was never finalized. Now it seems that a more appropriate title is in the pipeline though a tight lid is being kept on it. The unit is still in hot discussion about the probability of yet another title change for the film.