Salman Khan turns knight in shining armor for Katrina

Katrina Kaif is known more for her special relationship with bratty actor Salman Khan than her film career. And now it seems like the Brit gal is making the most of her special friendship with Sallu. Recently the actress is airing all her grievances to Salman Khan and he seems to be only too happy to intervene and solve his lady love’s problems. According to sources if Kats has a problem with anyone in the film industry, she immediately runs to Salman for help. Recently Kats had a problem with a dress designer as the costumes were not fitting well. However the designer claimed that the outfits were not fitting well as Katrina had become a bit flabby. This hurt Katrina deeply and she burst into tears.
But that was not the end of the matter as Kats definitely made it a point to tell her knight in shining armor Salman about it. Later Sallu landed on the sets of the shooting and gave the designer a good firing for insulting his girl. A source claims “We’re literally scared to say anything to Madam, lest she gets upset and calls up Salmanbhai to complain about us. Kats has been doing this for a quite a while now and Salman too seems to be encouraging this behaviour. Well Sallu no doubt you are in love with your gal, but fighting every battle of hers seems a bit too immature!

Hrithik Roshan loses out on Adlabs Rs. 36 crore deal

Hrithik Roshan was to sign a three film package deal with Adlabs for a phenomenal package of Rs. 36 crore. However now it seems that Adlabs Production has backed out of the deal after it became public knowledge. Adlabs was supposedly upset as word of the deal got out prior to any signed contract with Hrithik. Adlabs chairman, Manmohan Shetty claims “I never talk about such things beforehand; it’s something to do with my policy. The fact is that it was only a proposal.” However other sources say “Things would have gone fine if the Roshans had not sang about ‘a contract’ to everyone.”

Sources also claim that Adlabs is now in talks with Abhishek Bachchan for a similar package deal, but the chairman still refuses to comment on the issue just yet. Akshay Kumar too was supposedly to be signed for a four film contract with Adlabs, but unfortunately according to sources he was not being offered as lucrative a deal as Hrithik and hence he too backed out. However Manmohan Shetty claims there was no deal with Akshay but there was supposed to be a three film deal with director Vipul Shah. But he backed out for his own personal reasons. However Adlabs is still positive about getting the new package system into bollywood and is currently in talks with other stars.

Kangana, Upen upset about their voice dubbing in SLBB