Salman Khan takes a keen interest in Katrina’s bollywood career

Salman Khan is up to his old antics once again, he seems to be tagging along everywhere that girlfriend Katrina Kaif goes. On most of her film shoots, Salman is always seen accompanying the actress. Is Salman feeling insecure that his beautiful girlfriend will be working opposite some of the most eligible actors in bollywood or is he merely taking a keen interest in his girl’s career? However Salman is doing his best to encourage Katrina’s budding career in bollywood.
According to sources, Salman has been seen accompanying Katrina during most of her shoots; he recently even accompanied her for the dubbing sessions of Namastey London. Sources claim that Salman is not too happy with Katrina working with certain co-stars and that is why he seen tagging along with her for her shoots. However others claim that Salman is merely being extremely supportive of Katrina’s bollywood career. In fact Salman was the one to give Katrina’s bollywood career a boost after her debut film Boom flopped. Katrina was seen in Salman’s home production alongside the actor. Salman also tried to replace his co-star Priyanka Chopra in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film with Katrina.

Katrina will be dubbing for the first time for her film Namastey London herself which is claimed to be a remake of Purab Aur Paschim. Salman is reportedly giving Katrina tips on voice modulation and emoting in Hindi. Salman has seen most of Namastey London and is hoping that this film will give Katrina’s career in bollywood a boost. Sources also claim that Salman has done a cameo in the film and he is extremely interested with the way Katrina’s character shapes up. Katrina is seen playing a character which is similar to her real life character as she plays a girl who hails from London in the film. Director Vipul Shah confirms that Salman has taken a very keen interest in the film right from the beginning and hence he often accompanies Katrina to dubbing sessions.