Salman Khan spotted praying in the court

It looks like Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is asking for help from above. It seemed that the actor who appeared at a Mumbai sessions court on Tuesday for hearing of his infamous 2002 hit and run case was praying when the proceedings began. Salman arrived around 10 30 am looking his usual dapper self in denim and a blue printed shirt. Although lawyers, members of the general public and the media all become excited after seeing him, the actor did not pay much attention to it. He was accompanied by his bodyguard and a close friend although his sister Arpita joined him a little later. When the proceedings started at sharp 11’o clock, Salman was seen with folded hands. Even though some eye witnesses identified him, he was seen calm and composed. He also looked pensive while being driven out of the court, even though people were asking for his autograph and clicking photos. 

The case itself however took an important turn today as three key witnesses told the court that they saw Salman Khan come out of the driver’s seat on the night of 28th September, 2002 in Bandra area of Mumbai when the actor’s SUV ran over a group of people. One person died while four were heavily injured. Among the injured were Mohammed Kalim Iqbal Pathan,   Mannu Khan, and Muslim Shaikh who became eyewitnesses in the case. At that time they were workers of a bakery outside which the accident took place. Mannu Khan said, “We were sleeping and there was a huge noise and a car came over us…I started screaming for help. Many people came there… I had an injury on my right hand. People were saying ‘Salman come out’. Salman Khan got down from the driver's side…The bakery people caught Salman. Salman was so drunk that he fell down, then he got up and ran away.” 

Some more drama was added to the case when police revealed before the court that that one of the eyewitnesses Muslim Shaikh, has received ‘threat calls’ on Sunday night. An unidentified person told him to take 5 lakh rupees and ‘run away’. The court has directed the police to conduct an inquiry and submit a report on 19th May. A police source claims without giving details, “Preliminary inquiry suggested the unidentified caller could (be) a lawyer." Salman can face up to 10 years in jail if the charges against him are proven.