Salman Khan saves Bunny Anand’s life

Salman Khan has turned a life savior after saving his co-star Bunny Anand on the set of ‘Veer’. Bunny was about to lost his life if Salman would not have been acted in time. It was a horse riding sequence where Bunny and Vicky Mehra was riding their individual horse and Salman need to keep a balance with his legs on two horses. When director Anil Sharma said action, Bunny lost his balance and was about to fall from the horse. Salman acted instantly and saved his life.

A source said, “Salman immediately realised that Bunny would seriously hurt himself. He grabbed Bunny by his collar and pulled him up. If Salman had acted even a fraction of a second late, Bunny would have not only fallen off his horse but also would have been crushed to death by the horses that were running at breakneck speed behind them.”

Bunny was totally shaken after the incident. Bunny confirmed the news and said, “Salman bhai saved my life. I don’t know how to repay him.”

“When I first heard about the incident, a shiver ran up my spine. Thanks to Salman, we did not have any untoward accident on the sets that day. I will never forget how he saved Bunny,” said producer Galani.