Salman Khan’s tantrums at Yash Raj studios

Salman Khan is known to create a ruckus if things are not according to his wishes. Recently the actor lost his cool and threw a tantrum at the plush Yash Raj studios. Salman Khan has his own personal vanity van and is known to use it for all his shootings in Mumbai. During his shooting breaks, the actor chills out in his own personal vanity van as he finds it extremely comfortable. Hence recently when he was shooting for David Dhawan’s Partner at Yash Raj studios, as usual he went with his vanity van. But when Salman was not allowed to take his vanity van into the studios, he got extremely upset.
As per the rules at Yash Raj studio, no vanity van from outside is allowed to enter the premises, hence security guards did not allow Salman’s vanity van inside the studio. However Salman was insistent that he would not enter the studios for shooting without his van, Salman created a huge ruckus and even refused to shoot. However instead of creating a scene the guards took special permission from Aditya Chopra to allow Salman’s vanity van inside the studio. Finally Salman along with his vanity van were allowed into the studios and the shooting proceeded. Recently according to rumours, Aditya Chopra had approached Salman to do a film and also asked him to slash his price, but although Salman liked the script he refused to further slash his price. This is the first time that the rule of not allowing outside vanity vans has been broken just for Salman. Perhaps Aditya did not want to simply get into bad books with the actor once again. In the past even actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh have been denied permission to bring in their outside vanity vans. But what Salman wants, Salman gets!

Amrita Arora and Aftab Shivdasani’s off-screen lip lock

Amrita Arora and Aftab Shivdasani are two actors who are still awaiting that one super hit film to catapult them into the category of lead actors. Recently both Amrita and Aftab were a part of the film Red and the two also claim to be good friends. In fact during the making of Red, the two actors would chat and hang around in each other’s vanity vans during shooting breaks. But recently it seems according to certain sources, Amrita and Aftab both of whom are in relationships with other people were seen indulging in a lip-lock, only this time it was not for a film.

Amrita Arora has been dating cricketer Usman Afzal for quite some time now and the two have even acknowledged their relationship in public. According to sources, Aftab too is in a relationship with Yana Gupta for some time now. Recently Amrita was partying with her girlfriends at a nightclub, Aftab too happened to be partying with his buddies at the same club. The two bumped into each other and were seen dancing and enjoying themselves. But apparently the two got carried away after a while and were even seeing smooching. Well Amrita and Aftab, what’s cooking?

Karisma Kapoor and Govinda together again onscreen

Karisma Kapoor took a break from the limelight after she married Delhi based businessman Sanjay Kapur. The actress settled into marital bliss and even had a baby girl Samaira. But now the actress is back in Mumbai and is looking gorgeous as ever, she is seen at several events and clearly looks ready to get back to films. And who better to make her comeback with than Govinda. He too has recently made his comeback in bollywood and the two stars have given many hit films together. Karisma and Govinda’s chemistry on-screen was thoroughly appreciated by audiences in their earlier films together. Now according to sources Govinda and Karisma will star in a David Dhawan comedy film together.

Director David Dhawan has worked with Karisma and Govinda together for several hit films like Hero No 1, Coolie No 1, etc. Govinda says “I am happy that Lolo (Karisma) has decided to make a comeback. She is very talented and I think she’ll be great.” David has been trying to make a film with his hit jodi, Karisma and Govinda for a long time and now finally the film will happen. Sources claim “They are fantastic together and share an awesome chemistry onscreen. If things work out, this film will be a delight for all their fans.”

Priyanka Chopra replaces Kangana Ranaut in Aamir Khan’s film

Aamir Khan has been looking for a female protagonist for his film Ghajini which is the remake of a Tamil film. Aamir had earlier watched Kangana’s performance in some of her films and liked her work; he wanted to cast her too. But Aamir is known to be a stickler for wanting his actors to keep mum about his film projects. Unfortunately Kangana was over excited with the prospect of working with Aamir in his film and went around telling all and sundry. According to sources “Aamir wanted everyone in the unit to be tight lipped about the project. In her excitement, Kangana failed to judge Aamir’s irritation at her behaviour and hence Aamir replaced her with Priyanka Chopra.”

Priyanka too is very excited to work with the talented actor Aamir, but she has also learnt well from Kangana’s lesson and hence is not talking about the project with Aamir. Priyanka was recommended by director Ashutosh Gowariker to Aamir and Priyanka too is trying her best to convince Aamir to cast her. Priyanka is currently on a high after having worked with some of the best actors like Shahrukh, Hrithik and now Aamir. Actor Aamir had also finalized Ayesha Takia for another role in the same film but due to some unknown reason has dropped the actress from his project.

The Making of Another King Khan- Shahrukh’s biopic film

Shahrukh Khan will soon have his wax statue at Madame Tussauds and along with that they would like to make a 50 minute long film based on the life of SRK. The film will chronicle Shahrukh’s life; it will include Shahrukh’s childhood, his entry into bollywood and his rise to the top actor and finally the unveiling of the statue. Several imminent personalities from bollywood, actors, actresses and directors with whom Shahrukh has worked with will be a part of this film. The film is being directed by Bobby Khan.

Karan Johar, Juhi Chawala, Aziz Mirza and many others will be a part of the film depicting SRK’s life. The film will later be released during the latter part of the year. Shahrukh will only be the third personality from bollywood to feature in Madame Tussauds museum after Amitabh and Aishwarya. The unveiling of the statue will be held soon and many of SRK’s friends will be present for this memorable occasion.