Salman Khan’s secret talent-Painting

Salman Khan is known more for his wild ways and his bad boy image. But this actor also has some very surprising talents. In the past Salman has tried his hand at scriptwriting and even photography. But now the actor is indulging his creative talent like painting. This is definitely a new side that Salman’s fans will get to see of the actor. Salman’s film Jaanemann has just released and the actor is receiving a good response to his role in the film. In fact Salman has also begun to hone his painting by taking lessons in painiting.

Nilesh Vede who is helping Salman hone his painting talent confirms that Salman is taking coaching lessons from him. Salman’s father Salim confirms that Salman has always been into painting, he says “Salman has been a talented artist right from childhood. It is a trait that he has got from his mother, Salma who herself is an accomplished artist.” In fact many of Salman’s paintings which he has made over the years adourn the walls of his house. Father Salim says “He has always had the gift but now Salman wants to learn the basics and get the right direction. He has the talent but he needs to hone it. Salman has been taking a bit of help from Nilesh to go in the right direction on how to learn and improve on his craft.”

Salman has done about 15-20 paintings and the first one that he did was of his two dogs, My Jaan and My Son. Many people appreciated this painting of his and urged him to hone his skills and do some more paitings. He has gifted many of his close friends some paintings too. One of his father’s favourite paintings made by Salman is an abstract sort of one that depicts people from different religious communities. Who would ever have guessed that the macho actor would have a hobby and talent like painting, Salman is definitely full of surprises. Well we hope that Salman decides to to share his paintings with his fans too and continues to hone his new talent. Salman will soon be seen in films like Salaam-e-ishq and Baabul.