Salman Khan's losses due to Imprisonment

Salman Khan was sentenced to five years imprisonment on Monday, 10 April 2006 for the poaching of an endangered deer species (Chinkara) in 1998 in Jodhpur. Salman was immediately taken into custody after the Chief Judicial Magistrate announced the sentence. Salman’s lawyer could not immediately file for an appeal as the courts had already shut for the day, also the next day was a public holiday and hence the appeal could only be made on Wednesday, 12 April 2006.
On Wednesday 12 April 2006, Salman as well as the actor’s lawyers were quite confident that his bail application would be accepted and that he would be granted bail. Unfortunately, the actor’s hopes were dashed when on Wednesday the district and sessions judge agreed to hear his bail plea only on Thursday 13 April. The actor will therefore be forced to spend another night in jail in Jodhpur. Salman has spent three nights in jail now. Salman’s lawyers cited 36 reasons for an early hearing of the bail application, including his mother’s ill health. However, the court remained firm on hearing the bail application only on Thursday.

On the professional front, the actor’s producers and directors are worried if their forthcoming ventures, which include Salman, will be hampered due to the sudden imprisonment of the star. However, they are all hoping that the actor will get bail and everything, including shooting schedules will carry on normally. Salman is supposed to perform for a world concert, which is scheduled for later this month. The organizers of the event, Moranis, though appear to be quite confident that Salman will accompany them for this event.

The organizer Ali Morani says, “The concert, 'Rockstars' is very much on. Yes, we were worried because it’s 17 cities all over the world. We spoke to Salman’s lawyer, Deepesh Mehta and asked whether we should cancel, postpone or simply wait. But he assured us that there’s nothing to worry about.” Morani added, “They are moving the court to get a stay order and then Salman can travel for the concerts. Even last time when Salman got a one-year sentence, he could travel to Mauritius after the stay order. We are confident that he will accompany us.”

The film ‘Jaaneman’ that stars Salman Khan will also face a few problems. This Sajid Nadiadwala directed film is in the final stages of production and was due for an August release. However, with Salman’s arrest, the film has come to an abrupt halt. Says distributor of the film in Mumbai, Vivek Vaswani, “We have decided to wait and watch the situation for some time. One cannot rule out intermittent delays in the little work that needs to be completed besides the likely shift in the probable release timing.”

Another event that has been postponed due to the imprisonment of Salman Khan is the premiere of Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. The film, which stars Salman’s ladylove, Katrina, was supposed to have a premiere on 13 April, Thursday at Cinemax Versova. However, a decision to cancel the premiere was taken this morning, as Salman’s family has been going through an immensely difficult situation. Salman and Bhushan Kumar, the head of T. Series Music Company are good friends and so holding the premiere at this time was not considered right. Also, T. Series holds the music rights to a number of Salman starrers. However, a source claims that holding the music rights for many Salman stirrers was true, but that was not the reason why the premiere was cancelled. The source claims, “As an industry person you need to stand by your brethren in the hour of need.”

Salman’s producers, directors and friends are definitely lending their support to the actor in his hour of crisis and they are certain that he along with his family will get by this situation. Let’s hope that Salman can ‘hang in’ there until then.