Salman Khan on turning a philanthropist, his film Partner, marriage and co-stars

Salman Khan has been known to have many images that of a Casanova, due to his trouble with the law he has been labeled a bad boy etc. But now it seems the actor is making a conscious effort to change that image. Of late Sallu bhai has turned to helping out the underprivileged. He has turned a philanthropist and wants to give something back to the people. Salman Khan has recently founded the ‘Salman Khan Foundation’ and he will soon be starting a non-profit organization called ‘Being Human’ which will work for the benefit of neglected children. Salman however does not want ask his colleagues and friends from the industry for money, but he intends to himself work towards the cause.
Salman says “I am setting up Being Human and it will work for the benefit of neglected children. The funds for the organization will come from my personal resources. To raise money I will start making more appearances at events and sell my paintings.” Every one is well aware of Salman’s new passion for painting, but Salman claims that he has been painting since a young age and he has gifted many of his friends his paintings. However now the actor claims that instead of gifting his paintings, he will hold an exhibition of his paintings and the proceeds from it will go to his charitable organizations. Salman also claims that over the past few years he has put up many paintings that he has done in his home as there was no other place to stack them. Sallu says “I have now become very emotional about them and that’s created a problem but I will sell them anyway for my organization.” Salman has always been generous, but this is a new side to him where he wants to help people in need. Salman claims that he wants to imbibe south super star Rajnikanth’s philanthropy; Salman says “I want to do what he is doing. Whatever he earns, he is giving back to the people.”

On the professional front, Salman is very excited about his upcoming film Partner alongside actor Govinda. Salman claims that Govinda and he have always been friends and when they decided to make Partner they wanted someone with superb comic timing. Naturally they thought Govinda would be perfect. However Salman claims that earlier he was apprehensive of doing a comedy with Govinda as he was known as ‘king of comedy’ in his times. Salman says “I never wanted to work with Govinda simply because he destroys you on-screen. I was offered so many movies with him, but I refused them all. It’s because he’s so good you can’t do anything with him. You can’t dance, you can’t do comedy. Whatever you do, he does ten times better. Except for Sanjay Dutt he has wiped out every other actor he has worked with, including Amitji in Bade Miyaan, Chote Miyaan. To be on par with him, a co-star has to constantly work on himself like I did.”

Salman’s other release this year will be his Hollywood film ‘Marigold’. He is excited about the film although it has been delayed for quite a while. Salman it seems got a long extremely well with his Hollywood co-star Ali Larter. In fact sources claim that since one of Larter’s wishes was to see the Taj, but she could not as she fell ill during her trip to India and had to return soon, our sweet Sallu wants to show Ali Larter The Taj , India’s pride especially now after it has become a part of the Seven Wonders of the World. Well we’re not sure what girlfriend Katrina’s reaction to that will be. Recently Sallu has been partying with another Hollywood babe actress Sienna Miller who is in town to promote her film ‘Global Cool’ which highlights the issue of global warming threatening the entire world right now. Salman invited Sienna to his home for a party and the actress readily agreed. Salman also requested her to make an appearance at a special screening of his film Partner for underprivileged children. The actress readily obliged and turned up for the event. Well Salman always has a way with convincing the women.

However according to rumours the Casanova of bollywood may soon have to lose this tag as he may tie the knot in December with girlfriend Katrina. But Salman himself rubbishes rumours and says “The day I get married or decide to, I will let the world know. O course I intend to get married, but it will happen only when it’s destined to. I won’t hide my marriage because I need people’s blessings and good wishes always.” Meanwhile Salman claims that he gets along with most of his male co-stars. Recently when asked if he would do a film with Abhishek Bachchan, Salman said “Why would I have a problem with Abhishek? However he definitely did not share the same feelings for actors John Abraham and Vivek Oberoi. On John Salman said “There is no equation, I don’t know that man.” And as for working with Vivek Oberoi in his trademark sarcastic style he said “Who’s that, Oh little Vivek, that idiot! Of course not.” Well something’s about Salman will never change, we guess.