Salman Khan moves High Court for his court case website

Salman Khan has opened a website called ‘The Salman Khan Files’ to keep his fans update on the on-going court cases against him. The main intention of the actor to open this website to mention every details of his court cases and at the same time to ensure that there is no any incorrect reporting by the media. But the actor’s move was not accepted by activist Hemant Patil.

The hearing will come up today before Justice KU Chandiwal. The activist alleges the website is illegal as it might work against the judicial system and contempt the action of the star for allegedly posting court proceedings on his website --

He alleges the actor has committed crime by divulging the court proceedings on his website regarding the 2002 hit-and-run case. He claimed that court matters are strongly guarded and posting matters is against the judicial system.

However, Salman Khan pleaded in his petition that he had created the website just to ensure that there was no incorrect reporting by the media and that the website gave only factual information about his on-going cases and nothing beyond that. He further said that no contempt had been committed by him.

The actor pleaded that the complaint and the summons issued against him should be quashed and set aside.

Speaking about the website, the webpage looks simple and has a picture of Salman Khan on the home page. It has a section for ‘recent posts’, a section for ‘archives’, a section for ‘categories’ and a section for ‘META’.

The spokesperson of Salman said, “We have created a website called and we will put out all the information pertaining to the case on the site. So that whoever wants to know the progress on the case can follow it there.”

The website writes, “Certain court cases are filed against me. There is widespread media reporting of these cases. The reports are sometimes inaccurate and misleading, and cause damage to my reputation, both personal and professional. I have been advised to put up this website to provide easy accessible information about the ongoing status of these cases. This website will be updated by my advocates from time to time. It will not contain any information about the merits of the case, nor any comment. I encourage all those interested in knowing about these cases, particularly the media, to verify facts available on this website. I have the greatest respect for the law, the judiciary and the legal process. Nothing on this website is intended to influence anyone, the sole purpose being to present the facts, and status of the cases I am involved in.”

Salman Khan while shooting for the movie ‘HumSaath Saath Hain’ of Sooraj Barjatia in 1998, went on hunting and killed a blackbuck which is an endangered species. The hunting of blackbuck is strictly prohibited by the Indian Government.

Again in 2002, the actor was driving rashly in the wee hours of night on 28th September and drove his land cruiser over the people sleeping on the pavement. One was killed and four others were severely injured. He is accused of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. If he is found guilty, Salman will receive an imprisonment term of 10 years.